Hello, world! Last month, I celebrated the first birthday of Glass Actress, a.k.a. I posted a photo of it on Instagram. Very exciting stuff. If you spent a whole YEAR without buying a copy, for shame, but that can be rectified easily. Purchase it at one of the following links:

Also, I have some new poems for you!

Oh, and another great thing happened! In September, Barrelhouse selected my chapbook, "Fat Dreams," during their 2017 open reading period! It will be published this summer, right after Allison Titus' "Sob Story: The History of Crying." I'm so jazzed to join the Barrelhouse family and to be selected alongside Allison. Here's a little bit about "Fat Dreams" from the Barrelhouse website:

"Steinberg’s collection showcases the literal and metaphorical ups and downs of weight loss and gain, and what it means to be a woman who comes from a lineage of size. It is an exploration of how the physical body collides with moments of monumental grief and unexpected joy, and how the body often doubles as identity in a culture that constantly portrays the overweight and obese as sick or less worthy of love."

Read the original news post at their website and stay tuned for some SAD POEMS.