New Poems and Coming This Summer: FAT DREAMS

Hello, world! Last month, I celebrated the first birthday of Glass Actress, a.k.a. I posted a photo of it on Instagram. Very exciting stuff. If you spent a whole YEAR without buying a copy, for shame, but that can be rectified easily. Purchase it at one of the following links:

Also, I have some new poems for you!

Oh, and another great thing happened! In September, Barrelhouse selected my chapbook, "Fat Dreams," during their 2017 open reading period! It will be published this summer, right after Allison Titus' "Sob Story: The History of Crying." I'm so jazzed to join the Barrelhouse family and to be selected alongside Allison. Here's a little bit about "Fat Dreams" from the Barrelhouse website:

"Steinberg’s collection showcases the literal and metaphorical ups and downs of weight loss and gain, and what it means to be a woman who comes from a lineage of size. It is an exploration of how the physical body collides with moments of monumental grief and unexpected joy, and how the body often doubles as identity in a culture that constantly portrays the overweight and obese as sick or less worthy of love."

Read the original news post at their website and stay tuned for some SAD POEMS.



I'm so excited to announce that Glass Actress, my second full-length book of poems, will be out in the world come February! I've been working on putting this dang thing together since 2015 and the poems go back to the mid-2000s. The aughts! So you ought to pre-order it.

You can do such a thing by going to the Furniture Press Books website and clicking the shiny "purchase" link. The cover price is $14.99 and it's free shipping until February 7! Also, the first 20 orders will receive a signed, beautifully designed poster of my poem "My Dark, Semitic Wiles." This poem is included in Glass Actress and was chosen by the Pennsylvania Center for the Book at Penn State for their 2016 Public Poetry Project poster series. (Click here to see all four 2016 posters—mine is on the bottom right.) So that's not too shabby, in terms of a bonus gift.

For those who are interested, I'm in the process of plotting a launch event in Philly, and maybe one in NYC too. I will keep you updated, of course.

I also have a few new poems out in the world, all from my new "Fat Dreams" project:

Two poems in Jellyfish #14, both titled "Fat Dreams"
One poem in Sixth Finch's Winter 2017 issue, "The Old Math"

For those expecting funny poems from me—not so much these days. But I hope you enjoy these new pieces all the same.

Stay tuned for more about Glass Actress. xo