selected POEMS

"How to Optimize Your Flesh Prison" in The American Poetry Review
"My Dark, Semitic Wiles" in LEVELER
"I'm Obsessed with My Wife" in McSweeney's
3 poems in The Toast
4 poems in Powder Keg
2 poems in Jellyfish
3 poems in Anthropoid
6 poems from Getting Lucky in H_NGM_N

REVIEWS, Interviews

& articles

Poetry Jawns, Episode 3: Nicole Steinberg (2016)
Getting Lucky review in Boog City #101 by Alex Crowley (2015)
"The People Who Perform the Internet" at Newsweek (2014)
"Think Pieces Were Made for Millennials Who Majored in English" in New York Times Op-Talk (2014)
Undressing review in As It Ought to Be by Sivan Butler-Rotholz (2014)
Getting Lucky review in H_NGM_N by Lucy Biederman (2014)
Getting Lucky review in Bitch by Marisa Crawford (2014)
Dianca Potts (MFA '15) talks to Nicole Steinberg (MFA '06) at the New School Creative Writing blog (2014)
"10 of 2013's Best Books of Poetry" at Flavorwire (2013)
Getting Lucky review at Hyperallergic by Alicia Eler (2013)
Small Press Spotlight Interview at Critical Mass, the blog of the National Book Critics Circle Board of Directors (2011)
Forgotten Borough review at Verbicide by Paul Comeau (2011)